Towards Economy 4G3W

Economy 4G3W


The image represents the three gestures available for the orientation of our money (the 3 possible choices for the action in Classic Economy), at the time of the choice of our economic decision that will produce the results:

- first of all, directly for us in our capacity as agent responsible for the choice of the action chosen to satisfy ourselves,

- then indirectly for the whole of the Classical Economy, from convulsion to convulsion and generating cycles of growth and crises due to the limits of these 3 pillars.

The fourth sheet on the image represents the fourth gesture proposed by the Author (as the 4th pillar) for the widening of the freedom of choice for the search for individual enrichment by the exercise of a practice avoiding the investment. exclusivity for the production of added value.

The construction which should provide the Public with the tools for the exercise of the new economic practice in complete safety is in the "pre beta" creation phase proposed by the Author to the protocols with Google (under the code name of "Linking money. -to-money ") and too and under content and tag" googledepending "to the Administration of President Barak Obama (under the code name of" Gool-Bama-Cash ") and currently available for content and tag" #obamadepending ", #datevaluation and #economy 4G3W (4th economic gesture in W3C space).

Now :

The Economy 4G3W ames to be the result of the practice of datevaluation of the money using personal communication engines on the Web space.

The opening of the 4G3W Economy for the exercise of the search for individual Well-Being became possible from the idea of ​​the creation of a new practice _The money datevaluation (data-valuation) _ which could complement and even replace the practice of classic investment of money to intent capital gains riskfree.

The initiation and preparation for the public exercise of the practice of #datevaluation has been made possible thanks to the internet and more generally thanks to changes in communication practices and uses of free disponibility of production factors in the Internet sea .

The datevaluation is a new means of economic action, at the time of the individual choice for the orientation and the management of its money and which brings the solution to the dilem to save / invest.

In Classical Economy, the means available for action were three in number, namely:

.1º- We could consume and satisfy our instinct for self-preservation;

..2º- We could spare and satisfy our defense instinct;

... 3º- We could invest and satisfy our reproductive instinct ;

And for each one of us, we had to choose and decide on actions of consumption, savings or investment, to make life and seek to be satisfied as well as possible.

…. 4º- We could time-valuate and satisfy our fear instinct.

Now we can also choose the fourth possibility (4th option) and also decide on actions of money datevaluation to better perform adding extended processables fields to satisfy us with computacional and Internet utilities.

In 4G3W Economy our means of action are four in number and namely:

Consume, save, invest and datevaluate.

With the availability of this fourth means of economic action, Man gains space for yielding wealth and adds to his freedom.

Better used by Do-G-Phone he will feel more peaceful in search of perfecting his individual Well-Being.

And thereby, the collective good and the reduction of social tensions.

The 4G3W Economy is a carrier of Peace.

The Author,

Filipe AlvesFerreira (27th May 1942 born at Lourosa-Portugal)