US FED may study the money #data-valuation facility

Is the digital US$ or US FED - CBDC enough advanced to attend the World's Markets conjuncture ?

Must turn into : People's hability for digital savings creation.

Let folks embed time into the money guts. anchorized at The USA FED

US Fed can launch monetary spaces for personalized money singularization

How would had to be the digital US dollar

Each Owndated Webquantum would have to be created by the shift asset of US$ 10.- by PSH-personal savings helper app to a registered property asset with same reversible burden, under Fed's coded space at WUW's General Ledger and authorized to run in Internet as singular owned object "Personalized Digital Savings" on WebCash-W3C's standards executing WUW's BPaaS algorithm by Google's Cloud Platform free service for UUS$$.

Early 2022, US FED could invoques and promotes near the US Congres the regulation to popularize a new social worldwide economic gesture able to produce capital gains in alternative to the investment's risk.

Because, US FED may resolve and pay to the market US debt by giving people the regulated money #datevaluation facility, opening the practice for treatment of time as a commodity.

WUW The Webcash Universocial Web proposes the technical knowledge that allows people to exploit a personal and self-defined web space where everyone can create digital savings.

The money is decomposed into an asset change from credit/debit to digital property asset using a P.S.H.-Personal Savings Helper application.

The PSH app is used to enable the extraction of elements from the money allocated for accounting purposes in a dynamic flash statement with 7 counters for control, evaluation of value creation and for the management of the creator of digital savings in registered property objects.

The decomposed data are conducted to work by the same internet algorithm of the BPaaS intelligent contract to different multi-clouds:

- alpha-nominative and time-sealed registration data;

- financial production data;

- time data in production and rescue interruptions;

- data from the supervised application of the daily results;

- tax compliance and payment control data.

At USA, there are bots for everything : also to get money for your needs and wants.

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